Dr. Naser

Dr. Liqaa Essam Naser

Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor

I’m a naturopathic physician, medical doctor, and functional medicine practitioner. I am on a mission to help men and women balance their hormones, detoxify their body systems, and optimize their health to live their best life ever.
I use an integrative functional medicine model to optimize my patients’ health and boost their longevity. So, I am here for you whether you are trying to figure out your health concerns for the first time or have been struggling with chronic health issues for years and need answers.

Before attending Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA, I was a practicing Pediatrician in the emergency room and neonatal intensive care unit for over a decade. I am highly skilled at all direct care processes, from initial examination and diagnosis to creating a treatment plan with the individual patient in mind.

My passion for improving my patients’ health and hormonal balance derived from my struggles with an uncommon case of PCOS that led to significant health issues, including secondary infertility. My battle lasted for years, and conventional medicine failed to help despite using advanced treatment modalities until I decided to take matters into my hands and apply my knowledge and expertise to balance my hormones and restore my health. This healing journey of mine taught me that each of us is unique and only an individualized, holistic medical approach can lead to good results.

My mission is to empower my patients to take control of their health and well-being by providing evidence-based guidance and education. I seek to educate and support women in their reproductive age and beyond, helping them make informed decisions that promote healthy lifestyles and optimize their body’s natural healing ability.

In my clinical practice, I utilize therapeutic fasting, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, sexual health enhancement therapy, weight loss management, wet cupping therapy, and various injectable treatments, including PRP, IV nutritional supplements, and peptides therapy.
I am expanding my skills to include acupuncture and intraarticular joint injections that effectively resolve common aging issues.

Outside the office, I am a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful daughters; I treasure spending time with my family. I also love cooking, reading, and listening to audiobooks. And for health and fitness, my two older daughters and I practice Chinese Martial arts (Kung Fu and Tai chi), besides other physical activities.

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