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The Eternal Spring Institute: A New Paradigm in Wellness & Holistic Healing

In the pursuit of addressing prevalent health challenges such as cardiovascular, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases, Eternal Spring Institute for Wellness was born.

Our founding principles were inspired by recognizing the limitations inherent in the conventional outpatient care model, which often fails to address the underlying causes of patients’ conditions. In outpatient settings, patients frequently leave with prescription medications that merely suppress symptoms, disregarding the body’s natural warning mechanisms.

Modern medicine, while occasionally beneficial, often allows the underlying problems to persist and necessitates the use of additional medications to mitigate side effects.

Our Solution

Dissatisfied with this ineffective and stagnant system, Eternal Spring Institute for Wellness endeavors to enhance patient outcomes through an inpatient, individualized model of care. We firmly believe in the innate ability of the human body to restore itself to a state of balance, and we employ diverse therapeutic modalities to facilitate holistic healing.

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Our Exceptional Team

The exceptional team at Eternal Spring Institute for Wellness comprises doctors from diverse backgrounds and specialties, united by a shared commitment to assisting patients in realizing their aspirations. Acknowledging the limitations of the prevailing medical paradigm, our physicians possess the necessary expertise, skills, and motivation to empower patients to make informed decisions and assume responsibility for their well-being. Our results-driven approach compels us to continuously reassess and refine our strategies, ensuring we provide the most effective treatments and interventions.

Empowering Patients

We strongly believe in empowering patients with the knowledge necessary to comprehend their current health conditions and the available solutions that can yield improved outcomes. While recognizing that individual results may vary, we spare no effort in pursuing all humanly possible avenues to guide patients toward optimal health.

Post-Treatment Care

Our clinical expertise and unwavering commitment to our patients establish the essential framework for post-treatment follow-up care. We strive to seamlessly transition patients from Eternal Spring Institute to their homes, encouraging them to sustain their journey toward long-lasting vitality. This integral component not only fosters continuity but also serves as a source of motivation for patients to maintain their own well-being independently.

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Welcome to Eternal Spring Institute for Wellness

Welcome to Eternal Spring Institute for Wellness, where we are dedicated to facilitating this transformative process in an extraordinary environment nestled in the hills of Antigua, Guatemala—a place where the essence of spring perpetually thrives.

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Meet our Board of Consulting Physicians

Dr. Laura Moyano

Medical Doctor

Dr. Moyano is a medical doctor who works as an Anesthesiologist. She received her medical and anesthesiologist’s degrees in Colombia.

She has a special interest in frailty syndrome and delirium in the elderly associated with postoperative states, which was her research project for her postgraduate thesis; this research led to..

Dr. David Moeller

Dr. David Moeller

Medical Doctor

David Moeller, a member of the Eternal Spring Institute of Wellness, offers exceptional medical care with a holistic approach. His skills include holistic therapy, individualized treatment, and medically supervised fasting. With a background in internal medicine and anesthesiology, he aims to provide nutritional education and complete his residency in general internal medicine.